Bike Riding in Seaside, Gearhart, and Cannon Beach, Oregon

Pedal Power Rules at the beach!

Almost every place in Seaside, Oregon is accessible by bike. Having a bike to get around is not only fun but local residents use bikes as an alternate method of travel even over the car. Seaside has plenty of room for bikes to travel freely but pay attention to traffic. Sometimes traffic can get very busy in Seaside. 
The prom is an excellent place to ride a bike from one end to the other. Most every block connects to the prom so shopping or grabbing a quick bite to eat is a snap. If you don't have a bike, don't worry. Seaside has plenty of bike rentals as well. You can also purchase bikes at the local bike rental shops.


Mountain Biking On North Coast Oregon

With sweet salt air rushing in your face fly through some amazing coastal trails:

Mountain Biking in and near Seaside, Oregon is an incredible adventure.


Fort Stevens, Oregon: 

Two major loops exist one small and one big. There is more potential in this park so let the rangers know you are interested in that type of use by filling out a comment card at the ranger station.  
Battery Russell Trail:

The small one is accessible from the Battery Russell parking lot. This trail is awesome if you like a smooth ride some technical turns, relatively easy climbs and speed. People hike this so there are no obstacles of major significance per the park rangers but still tons of fun for a moderate difficulty trail. Access it from the parking lot riding up hill next to the big battery on your right then a little battery on your left to the trail head. It is best started from the battery but you can do an out and back if you wish. We normally cruise the paved walking path back because it is pretty and enjoyable as well then do a second loop if we have energy and time to burn.   


Horse Trail:

This trail is not designated for bike use however you will discover it is used just as much for mountain biking as horse back riders. Be respectful of the trail and horse riders so we don't lose access to this great trail. It is very sandy so it drains to rideable state after two days of dry weather where other trails to the east will stay wet for a week. It extends south for about three miles and you can jump off in many locations to hit the fire road and return to the car if you lose track of time. 


Seaisde, Oregon: 

Seaside Fast Track Loop / Off Of Sunset Drive:

The climb is pretty brutal if your legs are a bit out of shape however it is nothing compared to larger all day outings found in Bend or Mt Hood so stress not as you can do this one without issue. Developed by locals over the years it is constantly evolving and increasing in quality. You will find carved banks, technical root navigation, woops, jumps, drops and best of all it drains well because of rocks and roots. Bring a buddy as it is unlikely you will see anyone if something breaks or you take a tumble. 
Most important is to realize the access going in is no big deal but coming out you will be traversing a lot for sale. The old exit is not being built on and there are no-trespassing or will call the cops signs all over. Currently it is not known to be an issue to exit on the vacant lot so please be mindful to keep your presence to a minimum when at that stage of the ride. Park in the cove parking and go surf after to wash off the sweat and dirt!

Cannon Beach Mt Biking:

Pump House /// ask Mike about this trail = hard to find and really not set up to ride but is rideable if you want to extend the Falcon Cove Trail.

Mike's Bike Shop 248 N. Spruce, Cannon Beach, Oregon, U.S.A.


Falcon Cove Trail: technical and challenging and a little boring on the switchbacks climbing to the top. Reward at the end is an amazing view of the Short Sand Beach. Really really fun first couple miles through the woods and through some streams and an old growth forest. 


Road Biking On North Oregon Coast

On the North Oregon Coast, you can cycle along rocky cliffs with vast views of the ocean beaches. Follow forest trails owned by logging companies, explore rain forests. Coast Highway 101 crosses through vibrant, lush forests (partly rain forest), and the back country roads lead through inland valleys with farms, lakes, rivers and stunning mountain views. Highway 101 North (a designated Scenic Byway) has a wide shoulder with maintained bike lanes along both edges that is part of the Oregon Coast Bike Route. The route takes you through state parks along the coast, many of which feature their own bike trails.

We suggest you check out the ride on Lewis & Clark Road in north Seaside all the way out to Jeffers Garden and Youngs Bay and if you want to push it to the Astoria Column it will be about 60 miles round trip. Great scenic loopy road through the coastal range, alongside creeks and grazing farm land. 


Cruising Biking On North Oregon Coast

Bring that beach cruiser and start either in the estuary in Seaside or the Cove and ride one side of town to the other getting in about 6mi. We suggest starting on the north side then getting a bite to eat on Ave U before heading back . 
You will also enjoy the paved paths at Ft Stevens which go for miles and miles. Explore the beach, Columbia River, South Jetty, Peter Iredale ship wreck and lakes at this neat retired military installation. Great way to kill a day or three!!!!
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