Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will you Re-open / What is happening?

A: On March 22 the City of Seaside voted to keep hospitality open. On March 23 a county wide emergency order was placed expiring 4/6/2020 that closes all public beaches, parks, waterways and hospitality operations. We will resume normal operations on 4/6/2020 to provide shelter and accommodations for those seeking it per the Governors for hospitality to stay open and abide social distancing guidelines. With the ability to dine-in and have the room to accommodate normal in-house activities, we are thankful to be in a unique position to provide services to those who seek them in a way that hotels cannot. To bring pricing of larger properties more inline to hotel costs we are offering 30% off throughout this challenging time to those who require our services.


Q: What Is Your Covid Policy if I need to cancel?

A: If you booked before the closure start date of 3.23 and need to cancel or have already canceled, we just received access to allowing guests to shift their dates to another time assuming they did not already have insurance in place. If insurance is in place for their booking we are working with all parties to help get refunds.

A: If you are canceling a stay for arrival inside the 14 day County restriction the "unavailability" provision of our contract provides you a 100% refund or travel credit.

A: If you booked after 3.23 we are offering 100% refund or trip credit if a travel restriction is in place with your local or national government inside 30 days of arrival and you wish to cancel.


Q: Will my house be safe?

A: Due to the heightened need for comfort and safety, we are using this EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant as a primary cleaner for a final wipe down on all the commonly touched surfaces related to eating, hygiene and access (doorknobs / grab rails / remotes). We are also sanitizing and removing decorative linen items from operations at this time as an additional safeguard.


Q:  Should I plan travel? What is your plan for this summer balance due dates?

A:  If you made a payment after 3.23 we are offering 100% refund of that payment or trip credit if a travel restriction is in place with your local or national government inside 30 days of arrival and you wish to cancel.

A:  If you need more time to see how things shake out we can move your balance due date to May 1st upon request.


Q: Can I get trip insurance through you??

A: Very soon we will be offering CSA coverage in house. Until then it is easily available through a google search and for CSA can be added on up until the day of arrival of your stay


Q: What are the check in / out times?

A: In peak summer months, homes 4br+ check in 5pm and out 12pm.

In peak summer months, homes 3br- check in 3pm and out 10am.

In non peak months all homes check in at 4pm and out at 11am.

Q: What is early check in / late out times?

A: In summer months this option is not available.

Outside of summer early check in is at 10am and late check out is 5:30pm.

Q: Are we expected to clean when we leave?

A: Your cleaning fee covers a deep clean prior to and after your visit, however, guests who are respectful of the properties are appreciated.



Q: What is the Incidental Fee - is it insurance? 

 A: This is not insurance but will cover small costs that impact the condition of the property (broken dishes for example) as we think it is best for everyone to avoid any unexpected fees for accidents + avoid dealing with damage deposits. Keep in mind that it does not cover misconduct or neglect and we do keep the credit card on file open for charges relating to misconduct.


 Q: How do we get keys when we arrive?

A: The check in procedure and information on how to get keys will be emailed at the time the reservation is made.  (NOTE: For obvious reasons during the COVID time frame we will not be personally greeting/welcoming guests at the properties but are available for assistance if needed.)


Q: Is the kitchen fully stocked?

A: Yes, in many instances it is stocked better than the average home.


Q: Are linens provided?

A: Yes, all linens are provided.


Q: Is there a washer & dryer available for use?

A: Most of our properties have a washer & dryer available for the guests use. This amenity will be listed in the property detail page.


Q: Does the property have a TV?DVD player?

A: Yes all the homes under our care will have a TV/DVD player.


Q: Does my property have internet access & basic cable?

A: Yes both are standard ammenities available at all our properties.


Q: Can we bring our dog?

A: If the home you select is pet friendly and associated fees are paid, we would love to host your furry friends, however, if the home is not pet friendly it can result in forfeiture of all your fees and being asked to leave. To verify if the house is pet friendly check the property detail page or under the general listing title.




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