Dog Fun at the Coast in Seaside, Cannon Beach and Gearhart, Oregon

Planning a pet friendly trip to the beach can sometimes seem overwhelming. We have put together a way to make your stay more enjoyable with pet friendly places to stay, things to do, and information regarding pets at the beach.
You’ll have no problem finding a pet friendly place to stay, but remember, if you travel to any Oregon state parks they do require leashes, but at all other beaches including Seaside you can let your dog run free. There are a few rules regarding pets:  If your dog is off-leash, always pay attention and make sure he or she can be controlled by you. Remember that ultimately you are responsible for your pet. Don’t allow your pet to approach others especially small children who may be wading in the water who could become frightened and drown. And of course, be prepared to clean up after your pet!  Bring extra plastic bags with you and dispose of all waste at the  nearest trash receptacles. You will even find baggies at various locations along the prom as well as several other beaches. Be safe at all times and have fun. If you need help or any type of specific information please contact us at:
Seaside is a wonderful place to bring dogs. You can take your dog along the beach, walk along the Prom, take them on a hike along Tillamook Head, and more! Make sure when you bring your dog don’t forget to bring a leash, some dog toys, a towel to dry them off, water bowl, and anything else your dog might need.


Plan ahead or you might end up having to buy forgotten items. What happens when you want to go into one of the many amazing restaurants to grab a bite to eat? Make prior arrangements. Don't leave your pet locked up in the car. Beaches that are within the boundaries of an Oregon state park must have all pets on a leash not more than six feet long and kept under physical control at all times. Leashes are not specifically required on Seaside's beach, but physical control must be maintained.

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