Property Management

A Winning Partnership:


At Seaside Vacation Homes "The mission is to provide irreplaceable service that enhances the life of our guests, owners and community." Our guests come back year after year because they value high standards and appreciate our commitment to excellent service. This SVH commitment to excellence is also why we have acquired the most premiere locations in Seaside and are proud to serve extremely accomplished owner/partners who trust us with their homes. For most of our owners their beach house is not just an asset, it is filled with memories and history that defines their family. We understand the needs of both our owners and guests and feel a tremendous sense of duty to see both are treated fairly, honestly and with our best efforts.


Our properties are not hotels, hostels, or crash pads. We treat each house as if it was our own personal residence and expect our guests, staff and contractors to do the same. This sense of ownership we feel for the inventory carries over into our relationships with the owners. While technically we provide a legally binding contracted service the vision we approach our relationships with is that of a partnership where both SVH and the owner work together to meet mutually beneficial goals.


Our specific program for managing is proprietary outside of what you can read here, however we are always looking for the next great location and will be happy to meet in person with any current property owners or prospective investors to answer questions. Currently we do have openings for homes located in Gearhart, Seaside, Manzanita and Cannon Beach, so please do not hesitate to request more information.


About The Management Company:


Seaside Vacation Homes is a family owned company that has been serving Seaside since 1993. The success and reputation we are so fortunate to have stems from three areas:


1.    Selectiveness of the homes we manage. 

2.    Surpassing guest and owner expectations in maintenance and cleanliness. 

3.    Seeking life-long customers/friends through excellent service. 


This philosophy has allowed our company to scale sustainably to become the revenue leader on the north coast. In 2006 the current generation of management was given a leadership position to integrate a technological systems based approach into the already industry leading workflow. This resulted in additional increased revenue for it's partners throughout the economic downturn and expanding our customer base to new markets.


As you can tell, Seaside Vacation Homes has a successful system that is improving every year. We hope to discuss the possibility of your home joining our program. Even if your property is not a good fit, we hope to lend you some useful tips for succeeding in the world of Vacation Rentals and be a resource for you in the future.


For more information about our management practices, housekeeping and property maintenance services feel free to contact us to set up a meeting at the retail showroom where we are setup to help you remodel and furnish your beach house from flooring & furniture to beds and artwork:


Best wishes,


The Tolan Family