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The greatest attraction of Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Gearhart Oregon is, of course, the beach, along with all the other fantastic outdoor activities the area features. But what if the weather outside is frightful and cabin fever is setting in? Not to worry! There are plenty of things to do indoors on the North Coast. With diverse art galleries, state-of-the-art movie theaters, and several live theater options, there is no reason to be bored during a Seaside Sou-wester! Here is a sampling of local theatres and galleries.
See our Movies page for local movie options.

Coaster Theatre, Cannon Beach

108 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110
(503) 436-1242
Originally a roller rink in the twenties, this historic building transitioned to a silent movie theater in the fifties. In 1972 a Portland patron of the arts remodeled the structure to what it is today. Enjoy family-friendly shows to Shakespearean acts on the coast at this wonderful nonprofit organization. Tickets range in price from $8 to $25 for most events. See this season's listing of shows at the top of this page.

Astor Street Opry Company, Astoria

129 W Bond, Astoria, OR 97103
(503) 325-6104

Shanghaied in Astoria

The Astor Street Opry Company is best known for the widely popular local hit Shanghaied in Astoria, which combines history, lore, and humor. It runs during the summer months through mid-September. Other popular yearly productions are Scrooged in Astoria and The Lewis and Clark Melodrama, but these are interspersed with various other productions as well.



Art Galleries 

Sunrose Gallery:  606 Broadway, Seaside, OR.  Telephone: 503-738-7788 
Artworks:  300 Broadway, Seaside, OR. Telephone: 503-738-8755 
Oregon Gallery:  15 Broadway, Seaside, OR. Telephone: 503-738-9288 
Cannon Beach Art Association:  1064 S Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR. Telephone: 503-436-0744 
White Bird Gallery:  251 N Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR. Telephone: 503-436-2681 
Dragonfire Studio:  123 Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR. Telephone 503-436-1533 
Northwest by Northwest:  232 N Spruce, Cannon Beach, OR. Telephone: 503-436-0741  
4th Street Studio: 125 N 4th St., Manzanita, OR.  Telephone: 503-368-6449 
Sea Level Gallery LLC: 194 Laneda Ave., Manzanita, OR.  Telephone: 503-368-3310
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