Local Area Guide To Seaside Beach Oregon, Cannon Beach Oregon, Manzanita, Geahart and Astoria Oregon

Pack your bags and Let's Go! Welcome To Seaside Oregon and surrounding areas of Cannon Beach, Gearheart, Astoria and Manzanita. 

The Oregon coast offers a wide variety of activities some of which differ from season to season. In the summer take advantage of sunshine, ocean and the perfect sand beach. Winter brings spectacular storm watching. In the Spring observe grey whale migration, elk, eagles, falcons & more.
Fall is perfect for kite flying, hiking, kayaking and bonfires on the beach. Shopping in Seaside Oregon is the shoppers' dream. Hundreds of unique shops line the streets of Seaside, most of them within walking distance of each other as well as from most of our hotels, motels and vacation rentals. Our list of things to do has just begun. There's a million things to do in and around Seaside Oregon, This is just a hand full to get you started! We're here to help you. Once you have booked your stay with us feel free to call us with anything specific we can help you with. Our friendly knowledgeable staff is here for you and rest assured we want you to enjoy every minute of your stay with us. Check back daily for updates including events and interesting facts or changes that may occur on the beach!

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Summary Of Area Attractions:

Seaside: Is a bike friendly, walking friendly, family friendly, things to do smorgasbord inside three miles!  Our historic board walk is called the Promenade where you can safely and easily stroll the town spanning a mile and a half north to south. In the south side of town you will find a North West hiking destination of Tillamook head  and an amazing west coast renowned surfing spot the "COVE" that will host beginner waves in the summer and expert challenging waves in the winter.  On the north side of town is the confluences of two great steelhead and crabbing rivers that run through town. This estuary is home to a ton of birds of which we are most entertained by bald eagles who love to show up around lunch time for a fish snack. Lookup Seaside High school and there is a parking / viewing area right behind it great for watching or you can stroll the beach to the river mouth easily from the prom.

Our little town is able to sustain great shopping and dining options due to our convention center that helps bring visitors to town year round. If you are planning a large event you cannot beat their service and cost as this facility is funded by the city for the purpose of keeping the town going in the winter time. Right in the center of town and running through the heart of downtown you will find a fantastic main drag called "Broadway" where kids will enjoy more ice cream and candy shop options then their stomachs can handle along with an expansive arcade, indoor carousel and world class bumper cars. For the adults you will find all kinds of treasure on Broadway as well from the "men's store" to clothing, clothing and more clothing shops for the ladies.

Outside of the city center you will find a cafe called Osprey Cafe on the south side near the golf course which also serves a great value for breakfast while watching the locals tee off on the first hole. A little further south you will find helicopter rides and a go-cart track. On the very north side of town we have an airport, movie theater and big outlet mall with brands like Nike, Oshkosh b'gosh, Claire's, Bass, Pendleton and many more.