Kiteboarding, Seaside Oregon

Take To The High Seas !

Are You New to Kiteboarding? If you’ve seen someone kitesurfing, snowkiting or landboarding and want to try Kiteboarding, then you probably have a lot of questions on how to get into the sport.

What is kiteboarding? Kiteboarding covers kiting activities done on various terrains. Kitesurfing is done in the water. If you stand on a board and use a kite to be pulled along by the wind, that's kiteboarding. With the right equipment, experience, and wind, you can kiteboard anywhere but always use extreme safety precautions. While it helps to be in good physical shape, it does not require as much upper body strength as one might think. It’s actually more about finesse than strength.



Sunset Beach is one of the best and safest ocean kiteboarding spot near Seaside. There is little obstructions on or near the beach, and plenty of space to enjoy yourself. With 12 miles of drivable beach, Sunset Beach provides great access to kite boarding, and many other activities.

Camp Rilea (north of Sunset Beach approximately 3 miles0 is an Oregon National Guard military reserve and often they conduct firing exercises. Guards will be posted and military vehicles will be present warning beach users to keep out. When they are not conducting firing exercises, it's ok to be there or in the area. Fires are permitted on the beach but there is no overnight camping. Ft. Stevens. Parking Lot D is on the Lower Columbia and can provide good NW and E winds if the other access points do not appeal to you.

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