Picnic in Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Gearhart, Oregon

Pack a basket and Let's Go! Between the resort town of Seaside and the smaller Cannon Beach is Tillamook Head with Ecola State Park at its crest, offering picnic spots, viewpoints and trails. South of Cannon Beach, Oswald West State Park has 12 miles of the ever-beautiful Oregon Coast Trail, Neahkahnie Mountain and a hike-in campground. But the beach in Seaside is a great place to picnic for a cozy afternoon or an entire family outing. There is something both simple and exciting about a picnic, even if you are only packing a few things at the last minute and heading down the street to the park. It may be nothing more than peanut butter sandwich on white bread, you’re still likely to have a good time. Firstly, a picnic requires a nice location: there is just simply no way to create a memorable picnic if the venue isn’t up to snuff, so assure yourself to pick out an imposing and impressive place to pitch your tent and have some fun. Without a doubt this is one of the easiest items on the picnic checklist, what with all the naturally glorious destinations that abound you in Seaside.

Next on the picnic checklist is the topic of what food to bring: a picnic is understood to mean a full stomach, or at least the way it should be. A classic picnic food option is simply to whip up some sandwiches and other types of finger foods and pack them all into a cooler or basket (depending on the ingredients), which, when done right, is almost guaranteed to be a hit with all the participants. Another more elaborate option, sure to arouse more intent gazes from fellow picnickers, is to throw a portable grill into your trunk along with some charcoal and an prepare something on the order of shrimp and steak on the barbie.


It goes without saying that a picnic demands the participants to engage in some sort of physical exercise, which means that it is fundamental to bring along a rugby or football, a Frisbee, or cricket bat–whatever you fancy. Your sandwiches, or more emphatically your steak and shrimp, will demand that you go ahead and work up a healthy appetite beforehand, so be sure to wear yourself out a bit.

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