Romantic Beach Getaways on the North Oregon Coast

Romance at the Beach

Seaside / Cannon Beach / Gearhart / 

Arch Cape / Manzanita !

Consider the memory of strolling a quiet beach at sunset, with with music of the rolling surf, a gentle breeze blowing through your hair, cool sand between your toes in contrast to the warmth of your partner's hand? Later, back in your cozy vacation home, the two of you alone, dining and sipping champagne next to the fireplace, or soaking in the jacuzzi surrounded by the warm glow of candlelight....
The thing of fantasies? Maybe. But for the romantically inclined the beach can offer all of this and more.
But wait, does romance always have to be all hearts and flowers and harp music? That all depends on your definition of romance, but whatever romance means to you and your partner, the beach is a perfect place for either a quiet getaway or a fun escape to create some special memories together and re-spark the flame.
The North Oregon Coast has something for nearly every preference and every budget. May we suggest an afternoon luxurious couple's massage at one of our several deluxe spas, followed by a romantic dinner and wine tasting at a local wine bar. End the evening with a lovely moonlight stroll on the beach. For breakfast, you might leisure over a champagne brunch.

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