Annual Sand Castle Contests

Fun for all ages in the sand with artistic talent running wild!


Cannon Beach Sand Castle Contest, Annually around June 20th, 

This is a super fun event with multiple skill levels open for entries from children to experienced artisans. The whole event is timed with the tide so contestants have wet sand to work with and at the culmination the high tide will wash away all the day's efforts. 
Originating in 1964 when locals needed something to pass the time after a bridge washed out, this event has stood the test of time for a great reason to play in the sand. Rules are simple and no theme is required, however, many exhibits will play on words relating to the beach and coastal culture. All contestants will get a plot of sand and must use sand only from their plot along with using only natural materials found on the beach for accent elements to their design. 
In the past on only 150 entries have been accepted so plan ahead.
Call the chamber for more info at 503-439-2623.
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