Weddings at Seaside Beach, Cannon Beach, Gearhart, and Manzanita, Oregon

Having your wedding on the beach is most likely the ultimate expression of love and commitment. Here we are compiling a list of vendors associated with planning your wedding on the beach.


Today, many busy couples find that they are rushed for time and short on cash when it comes to planning a wedding. Beach weddings offer a sensible, elegant solution to the expense and problems that go along with a traditional wedding. Typically, a beach wedding is easier to plan, cheaper to pay for and a whole lot more fun -- for everyone including the guests! You won't have to worry too much about entertaining them. The beach does it all. It's a blast! Most brides start off thinking that planning their own beach wedding will be fun. It is fun, but it is also a lot of work. If you have the time to commit and you are very detail oriented it will be very rewarding.


Establish your budget first because there will always be hidden expenses that may arise and you need to be prepared to deal with this should it arise. Collect pictures and articles from magazines; travel magazines will help since it is a destination wedding. If you're planning a small wedding this might be the ideal location but planning larger attended weddings on the beach can become a problem due to time frames and work schedules from family members and friends. Choosing your location is also another thing you must do before you plan anything. Make sure your have this well booked in advance and your location is flexible enough should weather change. If you're planning a larger wedding consider starting a website to keep everyone informed. This is especially helpful if you are planning a destination wedding. Finding the perfect wedding attire for a beach theme could be really fun. Explore many options to the traditional formal route.  Make sure you choose your vendors well in advance and check always on references.

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